“The contemplative quality, her expository technique giving space for creativity, her intuitive and melodic approach; all these lend a spiritual tone to Bombay Jayashri’s music”- states a renowned critic in The Hindu.

Born into a family of musicians with rich lineage and steeped in pedigree music, Bombay Jayashri Ramnath represents the fourth generation of music practitioners in her family. Jayashri has been groomed under the guidance of legend ShriLalgudi G Jayaraman and Smt T R Balamani. Jayashri today not only bears the torch of the Lalgudi tradition, but has also evolved a distinct style of her own; her ability to absorb subtle different nuances of music of different types has created a style of music which is uniquely her own. Her training in the North Indianclassical musictradition has further helped her in this musical odyssey, but it is her ability to surrender to the music to elicit the unexplored from within herself which gives her music an undefinable, experiential edge.

With a career extending over three decades, her finely honed voice exudes a hypnotism that is hard to resist, making her one of the most sought after Indian musicians today.The myriad aficionados, spanning generations, that throng her concerts would bear ample testimony to this.In her voyage as a cultural ambassador of India’s rich heritage, Jayashri has performed extensively in India and abroad in the most prestigious fora, drawing critical acclaim wherever she performed. She has the rare privilege of being the first Carnatic classical performer in the Opera House in Durban and the Russian Opera House in Helsinki, Finland. Drawing from this exposure Jayashri has been collaborating extensively with Western classical music groups in creating what could truly be described as world music, which opens up new vistas of music appreciation.Truly, she is an artist who has boldly soared in her diverse musical experiments.

More recently, she has harnessed her skills towards composing music as a powerful catalyst in promoting our rich legacy in literature and other art forms which have opened up new vistas for exploring her creative instincts. A rare musician who is able to “visualise the music”; Jayashri has composed uncannily appropriate music for dance productions “Meera -The Soul Divine” and “Meghadootam” (amongst others). She also has an instinctive feel for poetry into which she can effortlessly delve musically, and intuitively prise out the hidden esoteric meaning. Her composition for the operatic ballet based on the Tamil Epic – ‘Silapadhikaaram’ is an example of this.

Another dimension ofmusic which Jayashri is focused on, is in exploring the therapeutic and healing value that music can generate. Her innate sensitivity, inherent in all true artists, finds an outlet in her deep and long commitment in working with children with Autism to help open up their senses through the medium of music. Her contribution and involvement with schools where she has conducted workshops and interactive sessions to kindle interest amongst school children into our rich tradition of music is her way of giving back something of what she has gained.

Her researches into music include co authoring erudite, niche books on seven legendary musicans and a musicologist.

In addition, Jayashri has deployed the essence of the classical idiom most effectively in her search for avenues beyond the concert format; her very limited foray into film music has drawn a new class of listeners into the world of classical music.

Jayashri represents the model emerging new generation musician India is proud of. A seamless blend of uncompromising adherence to the core tradition of classical Carnatic music as well as a ceaseless quest for quality music in any form would best personify Jayashri.